Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'll put you in the correspondence corner!!

Oh sweet gentle internet,

I was thinking today that "Hey, I need to form a better bond with the internet. I should make a blog!" So hurray, I made one! My goal is a weekly post, and here I go!

Above here are a couple preview pages of a comic I'm working on for Image formerly titled "DEAD GIRLFRIEND". It's about a man who's dead girlfriend comes back to life in order to haunt him into living his own life once again. I'm working with writer Glen Brunswick, and its been a great experience!

Stuff and stuff!

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Andre Szymanowicz said...

HOLY SHIT MARLEY. This is so awesome. I know you dont want to hear praise, but shit, that is a lot of nice drawing there! So many people!!
Now go back to work cause these pages are a steaming pile of puke!! :P